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Get Ready To Live Life On Your Own Terms, and Live Out Your True Destiny!

Are You Ready To Remove The Fears and Personal Roadblocks That’s ROBBING You of Your True Passions To Live an Amazing Life?

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Introducing the Powerful and Life-Transforming

Pursue Your Passion Tour

There Are No Dress-Rehearsals In Your Life…

You have one shot at your life. Either you can live and pursue your own burning passions, or you can get stuck in FEAR and SELF-DOUBT like the majority of other people and live a life that is dull and listless. The choice is yours. The real trick to success is knowing HOW to control your own destiny and overcome fear, to lead a life of happiness and financial abundance on YOUR terms. The Pursue Your Passion tour will offer you multiple tools and powerful life-changing techniques that will remove the fears and blocks that are stopping you from truly living. Plus, you’ll discover proven strategies on how to create your own personal cash flows to live a wealthier life!

The TWO Most Powerful Words In The Universe…

During the Pursue Your Passion tour, you’re going to discover the two most powerful words in the Universe. These two words are so powerful, they can literally turn your entire life around and transform it into something beyond your wildest imagination. And not only will those words be shared with you, you’ll also learn the SINGLE most important thing you can do to guarantee an amazing life of lasting joy and true success!

University Students Reacting To The Pursue Your Passion Presentation

The “Pursue Your Passion” university tour is a program designed to unleash the greatness within each student through the use of critical success factors that are generally not taught within the confines of a classroom. Through the use of his award winning poetry, uncanny wit and personal stories of struggles and triumphs, Kirk Nugent delivers a highly entertaining yet deeply moving presentation that leaves each student not only feeling but “knowing” that there is no such thing as an impossible dream.

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Pursue Your Passion

Focusing on issues that are prevalent in the college community, Kirk Nugent zeroes in on the insecurities that accompany low self esteem, predatory relationships, peer pressure, increasing retention and countless concerns faced by the student body.

Kirk Speaks of What to Expect on The Pursue Your Passion Tour

This Pursue Your Passion Tour program will have an impact on your students as well. They will become better students as a result of an increase in their self esteem. They will understand that their success is their responsibility. They will come to know the importance of pursuing their passion. They will gain clarity in terms of how integrity will be an integral part of their prosperity. In the end, your students will leave this engagement with life-tools, motivation, and awareness that they can achieve more than they ever dreamed.

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