From Depression to Destiny…The book that is changing lives all across the globe.

Depression to Destiny Introduction

In Depression to Destiny, Kirk offers readers valuable lessons in learning to overcome the fear and the defeatism of our developmental programming. Kirk’s engaging story provides a life changing compilation of personal experiences that reveal how our thoughts, emotions, and actions shape every aspect of our perceived reality. Kirk’s life lessons on his journey offers earned wisdom to enhance the quest and mission for a life well lived. For many seekers, a “life coach” is often necessary to instill enthusiasm and direction, to energize us to get us off our duffs and encourage us to move toward our “Happily Ever After” goal. Toward manifesting that end, I highly recommend Kirk’s informative book, for it offers readers an opportunity to move beyond misperceived limitations and write new empowering stories for themselves, their children, and the world.

Bruce Lipton PhD Author of The Biology of Belief.

Readers Reviews:

From Depression to Destiny is a compelling compilation of stories that highlights the power people have within themselves to manifest the life of their dreams. Kirk Nugent brings a deep level of conviction to his writing that galvanizes the reader to really examine their own belief systems and face the ways they may be holding themselves back from realizing their greatest potential. His weaving of personal setbacks and triumphs, poetic prose, and humorous wit throughout the book makes this a truly enjoyable and enlightening read. This book is a must read for anyone who feels stuck in their lives and wants to find a way out.

Gladys Ato, Psy.D.


What a breath of fresh air! Finally someone gets it. Children aren’t born with instructions, but this book will surely provide some guidance and help us to not only understand but prevent and correct our mistakes that may have been made in our own upbringing or ones that we might now be making in raising our own kids. It is the most affordable therapy in one easy to read book. Self-growth and empowerment will be inevitably gained after reading it. This is money well spent and I’m looking forward to seeing many more of Kirk Nugent’s work. Well done sir.


Kim Bryan


Reading this book was truly life changing. I did not register how much my subconscious thinking was controlling me. I learned that events in my past were still affecting how I felt about myself today. Each chapter broke down how I can take my life back and transform my thought patterns. To this day I am still a work in progress but reading this book gave me processes and procedures on how to stay on the right track. This book is the perfect tool to help me stay in tuned with the pure positive being that I truly AM.

Tashya Tummings


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