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Choose Your Destiny

This program is the cornerstone of the foundation necessary for a successful College experience. The basic philosophy behind “Choose Your Destiny” underscores that each person shoulders the responsibility of choosing and creating their own future. To highlight and illustrate these points we’ve taken the word RIPPLE and broken it down into six key principles emphasizing the often overlooked point that the consequences of each action tends to RIPPLE throughout our entire life.

These principles are so simple, yet through consistent daily actions, they separate the mighty from the mundane and the magnificent from the mediocre. With his unique style of delivery Kirk Nugent crafts a compelling message that students find irresistible, captivating his audiences with emotionally engaging stories of personal triumphs over adversities.

Focusing on issues that are prevalent in the college community,Kirk Nugent zeroes in on the insecurities that accompany low self esteem, predatory relationships, peer pressure and countless concerns faced by the student body.

Speaking on areas of personal Responsibility, Integrity, Persistence, Passion, Leadership and Empowerment (R.I.P.P.L.E.) Kirk brings the audience to a point of realization that, it is in the moment of decision that your Destiny is decided.

THE PEOPLE’S POET – Performance Poetry Coffee House Series

When was the last time you had a coffee house series that had your students raving months after the performer has left the stage?

This is performance poetry at its best! No other spoken word artist in the country has won more awards and accolades than Kirk Nugent.
No other spoken word artist in the country has toured more college campuses than
Kirk Nugent.

Kirk’s performance is a perfect blend of emotional indulgence and a celebration of the senses.

Kirk Nugent’s unassuming, nearly inconspicuous nature lends even more impact
to the boisterous truths that are unveiled in his poetry. Strong, impacting words from this generally quiet man make you realize the importance and credibility of every statement, every line, every verse and each innuendo.

Kirk’s words captivate the mind when reading and assault the senses when listening. You are guaranteed to “feel” the strands of his soul that he laces into each line.

He is consistent with his content being relevant to life as it is today and as it should be. As one of the nation’s most revered speakers, whether it be on topics of leadership, self esteem and self worth, politics, love, relationships, or motivation and inspiration he is certain to capture your mind using his unique outlook and perspective.

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