For more than a decade, Kirk Nugent has served as a catalyst for change, challenging preconceived notions about success and self-actualization. Kirk started public speaking in poetry venues where he displayed a keen understanding of social and political issues delivered with his signature brand of infectious wit and frenetic energy.

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    • Choose Your Destiny

      Choose Your Destiny

      This program is the cornerstone of the foundation necessary for a successful College experience. The basic philosophy behind "Choose Your Destiny" underscores that each person shoulders the responsibility of choosing and creating their own future.
    • Achieving the Dream

      Achieving the Dream

      This empowerment program has been specifically designed to meet the unique challenges faced by students attending Community College. As a former Community College student who was clothed in an inferiority complex, riddled with low self esteem, and was a single father, Kirk Nugent, intimately understands and identifies with the…

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  • “Hi Kirk, I got your book “The Unpopular Truth” from a friend in Florida. I was on my way from West Palm Beach to Tampa and reading the book. Sometimes I was laughing, before I realize I was crying. You motivated me to make some major changes in my life. Thank you so much.”

    --Monica Hines

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  • You Will See It When You Believe It

    In the movie, ‘What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole’ a scientist stated that the brain process 400 billion bits of information per second, (Good God from Zion, that’s a lot!) but we are only aware of 2,000 bits. So the brain has to decide what is important, and allow that information to be filtered to the conscious mind.

    So the brain has to decide what is important, and allow that information to be

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